BUY: Baseline SEO

• Google Analytics (GA)

• Google Search Console (GSC)

• Robots.txt and XML sitemap files

• HTML META Title and META Descriptions

• Image alt tags

• Lossless Image optimize/compression


Baseline SEO



• Setup new Google Analytics (GA) Account with website owner added as full admin. Add a master view, and filter out any IPs from staff/developer.

• Integrate GA tracking code on the website.

• Add WordPress plugin for easy access to GA Statistics from the backend of the website.

• Setup new Google Search Console (GSC) account, validate domain with GSC, and link GSC with google analytics.

• Create and submit the robots.txt to GSC.

• Create and submit a xml sitemap to GSC.

• Edit each page on the website, so it has proper HTML META Title and HTML META Description set. Including adding a focus keyword so we can target the title and description to it.

• Add Image alt tags, where beneficial. (maximum of 30 images)

• Run Lossless Image optimize/compression to images, for better SEO scores, and faster download times for your users.