BUY: Google Ads Account Audit

With over 6 years of managing Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) , it is rare that we come across a clients account that is properly optimized. That is where this service comes in. With this, we check the overall account health check and review your Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords will all be reviewed and offer suggestions for optimizations.


We charge a $130 extra service fee for budgets that are over $3,000

Google Ads Account Audit

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Product Description

Our Google Ads Audits are more than a checklist from an audited script. Our audits provide you real human insight, with time and attention spent to help you address any low hanging fruit and achieve better ROI.

What you Get

  • 2 Hours of our time for review and notes. With this time we go over your account and write notes. item by item. This includes all campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, extensions. integrations and conversion setup.
  • 1 Hour of our time for action. That action can be a call with you, or a remote session showing you how to make the changes, or us simply performing the changes for you.

We frequently see the following account configuration errors:

  • incorrect keywords targeted
  • conversion tracking not integrated correctly
  • incorrect keyword match types
  • negative keywords not set or not maintained
  • incorrect bidding strategy
  • ads using improper destinations (all ads pointing to a website’s home page)

What if an agency or digital marketer configured your Ads account? You might be okay, right? Not necessarily…

Some agencies “optimize” Google Ad campaigns to produce clicks and traffic, but often our clients care about the conversation more than the traffic or “impressions”. When Google Ads is configured properly, there are metrics in place to show:

  • total spend per month
  • leads produced via website and phone calls
  • whenever possible revenue produced from leads is also accounted for


Additional Things we Check:

  • Linked Accounts: Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business
  • Ad Extension Usage
  • Impression Share
  • Retargeting
  • Smart Bidding
  • Ad Group Keyword Count
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Search Partner Usage
  • Quality Score
  • Match Types Used
  • Single Keyword Adgroups
  • Ad Count and Diversity
  • Location/Geo targeting
  • Branded vs Unbranded

Q: Why Charge for an audit, when others say they will do an audit for free?
A: They are not giving you anything for free, you are a lead to them. Their goal is to not only have you accept the invite to their manager account so they are rewarded by google, but also so they can package and sell management services. So go ahead and give them a shot. You in fact might get something of value, but you will definitely be a lead in their funnel that they try and sell services to, often times they are very aggressive in trying to get you to buy services. It just not a how we do business. We want to give you value, so you buy our time to invest in the review, so that we can offer you insight that comes from real eyes on your account, not just a script or 5 minutes.

Q: What is not included?
A: Great question. Since we account for this effort with time, there is no limits to what we can or will be able to do, other than a limit of time. If, for example, you have a small but focused ad account setup that does not take too long to review, we might have extra time to perform more advanced effort like landing page optimization, ad text optimization, analytics integrations, speed improvements.

Q: Do you need access to my account?
A: YES, but unlike others, we do not force you to give us your user/pass or approve us as your manager. It is easier if you approve us as a manger, but we can also do a remote session whereby you share your screen and we work through your computer as you monitor. The choice is yours.